I am ?. Previously I was a scientist but after I illegally created a human clone I had to go into hiding and change my name. However I have a lovely secret lab in a cave in France where I live with my assistants Jose and Sandrine, my cat, and a few androids. Jose and Sandrine are clones but the cat is not. Over the past 100 years I have used cloning technology to perfect a serum that can induce immortality in all primates including humans; I am waiting for human cloning to become accepted so that I can share my discoveries with the world. Also it gets very boring living in an underground lab with two clones, a cat, and some robots. However, I was a very famous scientist before so if I left the lab I would probably be recognized and sent to prison or exiled to a neughboring planet, which would be unacceptable. After so many years I have decided that cloning is not necessarily a good idea because I have seen that clones like Sandrine and Jose have many identity issues and sometimes feel that they are not real people. Instead I think cloning technology should be used for medical purposes but never to create people. However I know that there are already many human clones on our planet and since they are illegal they have no rights and it is very hard for them to function if they are trying to live in the real world and not in an underground lab like Jose and Sandrine. Thus I think cloning should still be illegal but if there are already clones alive they should be given rights just like everyone else. Until that happens, though, I'll just be here waiting in this lab...

external image Cave%20Mouth.jpg

The entrance to my secret lab yayyyy

external image Secret_Creature_Lab.jpg

part of the lab inside