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As it is on other planets in our local sector of this particular solar system, the latest trends amongst the most hip of the Gargulak characters are all about body modifications. The most common operation is the insertion of brain chips. Some are having rap, with various rhyming and beats remixed directly in the brain. Others want their cell phones to ring and work through thought transference and there are those that are having the latest version of Google surgically implanted. Read the articles at, Microchip Brain Implants, and the articles "Google founder dreams of Google implant in your brain" and “The Future of Search: Google Brain Implants?” to get a sense of what this is about.

As one of the elite characters on the planet Gargulak, what is your position on the issue of augmentation, or fusion with technology directly into the brain? Remember, there are several characters who wish to be the dominant leader of Gargulak – if you are one of these people, your position on the many issues; cloning, implants, G M Foods, nanorobotics on the loose and the growing list of important issues that are important to our groovy planet is important for all to know.