There are eleven students in this class and me so we will have twelve characters who be all the characters in our world.
We will be looking at the following issues to deal with in our world:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Medical Ethics
  • Invitro Fertilization
  • NanoTechnology
  • Stem-Cell Research
  • CLoning
  • Genetic Engineering
  • How to prevent the next world over from us - Globbob - from sending hip-hop rappers to our world to mush the brains of our cyber-off-springs

real life names
Being a Cyborg I will be Dr. Right - your leader if you need one.

Add below who you are and your biography

I am Dr. Right - a cyborg that is in-part three-hundred-seventy-years old (or young in my case) back in the year 1636. I started off as the son of the human, Roger Williams is expelled from Massachusetts for his beliefs. He flees to Narragansett Bay and, in a few years, establishes the colony of Rhode Island, where Protestants, Jews, and Catholics are all free to worship. In 1675-76 when I was forty; I got into fighting between New England colonists and Indians led by Metacom, also known as King Philip, kills hundreds of colonists and thousands of Indians before Metacom himself is captured and killed. To cut to the chase I have had lots of robotic parts inserted to get me to 2006
One of my best mates was Merlin of the Crystal Cave


3. I am Dr. Goalie - an alien genius who knows everything possible about goaltending. I have taught the pros and all the Olympic Goalies on Earth. I have taught Rick DiPietro, Jimmy Craig, Chris Osgood, and Martin Brodour everything thing they know and i have trained them to be professional of Olympic Goaltenders. I am 673 years old, which is young on my planet Zargon (most zargonians live to be 1300 years old). Zargonians have been playing hockey on my planet for over 2000 years. My parents are the Felipus and Alehondrias, two of the most famous goalie coaches on the planet Zargon. When I was about 300 years old I had decided to visit planet earth, disguised as a human. I noticed that the Human goalies were weak and would be put to shame on Zargon so I decided to train Human goalies to be as good as me, almost as good. Few goalies have managed to put up with my intense training techniques and many have failed. But the few, who have succeeded, are now playing professional hockey. I will continue to visit Earth every year to train more goaltenders and possibly bring a few goalies back to planet Zargon so they can play with some actual goalies (although the goalies at Zargon would still make the human goalie look like fools). Dr. Goalie

4. I am a major in the army at . My local companian is . I just got out from galactic jail. Heinrick Gubel is my name and i recently joined the army of . I was so good that i had raised threw the ranks and i am now a major. I am in my mid 20's and I have a kid who is already training to join the army, did i mention that he is only 2 years old. The name of our planet is laertnom and our rival is otnorot who we have crushed in golfey since the creation of our planets.
7. I am the lawyer and interior designer of the new world. My first 200 years on the world I was a lawyer. I had to put Jamaal in jail for stealing paint. Because he stole paint it inspired me to become an interior designer. Jamaal died in jail, he was only 250 years old. His brother Jamaal Jr. Who goes by the name Jamaal lives in the world and has to make up for his brothers mistakes by becoming a general in the army. After putting Jamaal in jail I became an interior designer. I have been a designer ever since, 400 years. I am currently 600 years old.

Read the **The Cyborg Bill of Rights** Then each character write an amendment - as follows:
Our Bill of Rights are
All members of AAG-Space have the right to be somewhat creative and to have lots of freedoms for their character.