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I am Dr. Goalie - an alien genius who knows everything possible about goaltending. I have taught the pros and all the Olympic Goalies on Earth. I have taught Rick DiPietro, Jimmy Craig, Chris Osgood, and Martin Brodour everything thing they know and i have trained them to be professional of Olympic Goaltenders. I am 673 years old, which is young on my planet Zargon (most zargonians live to be 1300 years old). Zargonians have been playing hockey on my planet for over 2000 years. My parents are the Felipus and Alehondrias, two of the most famous goalie coaches on the planet Zargon. When I was about 300 years old I had decided to visit planet earth, disguised as a human. I noticed that the Human goalies were weak and would be put to shame on Zargon so I decided to train Human goalies to be as good as me, almost as good. Few goalies have managed to put up with my intense training techniques and many have failed. But the few, who have succeeded, are now playing professional hockey. I will continue to visit Earth every year to train more goaltenders and possibly bring a few goalies back to planet Zargon so they can play with some actualactual goalies (although the goalies at Zargon would still make the human goalie look like fools).


I want cloning. If there are hundreds of Goalie Doctors, then they could teach 100 x's as many goalies in the same time it would take 1 Goalie Doctor to teach 1 goalie. But this could also be bad because if all the goalie on earth and on my planet were amazingly good and all taught by Goalie Doctors, then it would be too hard to score on them and it would make hockey no fun.

Grey Goo

Grey goo, or gray goo, is a term which refers to a hypothetical end-of-the-world event involving molecular nanotechnology where out of control self-replicating robots devoure all living things on Earth while cloning themselves (a scenario known as ecophagy).
In a worst case scenario, everything in the universe could be turned into goo (with "goo" meaning a large mass of replicating nanomachines lacking large-scale structure, which may or may not actually appear goo-like), killing the universe's creatures. The disaster is posited to result from an accidental mutation in a self-replicating nanomachine used for other purposes, or possibly from a deliberate doomsday device

When these self-replicating robots arrive on Earth we should in fect them with diseases that we have already become immune to or diseases that we have a cure for. This will kill off all of the robots and stop them from devouring our planet and turning it into goo.

self-replicating is the procces in which things make copies of themselves, and Cloning is the process in which humans make copies of other creatures. Self Replication is more of a threat to us 12 on the planet Garulak becauase if several enemies come to our planet, we might be able to defeat them; but if they can replicate themselves to produces hundreds, or even thousands of themselves..... there would be a sreious problem on planet Gargulak.

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GM Foods

GM Foods could be a good thing and a bad thing. It would be a good thing for goalies and goalie doctors because it could make then bigger and stronger which would lead them to be better goalies on Earth on on the planet Gargulak. It would be bad though because it could have bad side affects which could be harmful to our health.

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Brain Implants

I think brain implants should not be allowed for goalies because it would make them to good. They should have to get better through hardwork and hard training over many years or practice. If they just get brain implants then it wouldn't be fair because they would just bne cheating their way to the top over all the goalies that have been working hard over many years. No sports players should be allowed to have these brain implants! Not just goalies. If the players get these brain implants then it would make it way to hard for the goalies because they would know what the goalies would do at all times and they players would know where to shoot everytime, so they would score almost every shot.


I think in order to be a leader of a planet you need to have a lot of different leadership qualities. you need to have Integrity, you need to always be working hard no matter what. You need to have a deep understanding of the business, you need to know what you are doing and you need to have a clear plan on how to be successful. You need consistency, you need to always be ahead of things and always have a plan and you cannot fall back on your work so people will always count on you. You need to be willing to admit a mistake, if you are wrong, you need to admit it and not let the mistake get worse than it already is. You need the ability to listen, you can't do everything yourself and you need to take advice from people to help you. And you need to have decisiveness, though other people may influence your decision, it is always your decision to make.

I believe i have all of these leadership qualities and i would make a good leader of Gargulak.

Robotic Rights

I Beleive all robots should have the same rights as humans. Robots and Aliens should also have the same laws as humans so there will be no stealing or hurting of any sort. And there should be no glitches in the robots like in the movie I-Robot where the robots started attacking the humans bcause there they didnt have an overwrite to tell them to stop.