I will tell you why cloning two and half zillion clones of me, Dr. Right, would be best for our world.
The three sites that I viewed on cloning are:
  1. Roslin Institute and collaborators who did the Dolly number, at http://www.roslin.ac.uk/public/cloning.html, viewed February 08, 2006
  2. Pence, Gregory. The Top Ten Myths about Human Cloning **http://www.humancloning.org/myths.php**, viewed February 08, 2006
  3. Crazy Virgo, A perfect example of why cloning a human-animal is not a good idea, http://crazyvirgo.typepad.com/ viewed February 08, 2006
I think the idea of cloning is good and bad. For example, I have cloned many Dr. Rights - see photo below - that can carry large lobsters to other places.

here are many other Dr. Neuage's that have been cloned.As you can see, even though the clones are identical – the genome was sequenced in the Human Genome Project and is the same in each instance. However, because my various clones have different clothing on they appear different.