I think that cloning is bad and we should not have coloning on the planet. It goes against my morals to clon someone because when cloning someone or something when factors can go wrong leading to dangerous situations. I also think it is wrong to re-create someone because maybe they are thought to be great. If you think about it cloning someone because they are great will be dangerous because there will be too of them with really big egos. This might also lead to someone cloning themselves many times and controling the world. I thihnk in general it is a bad idea and we should defianetly not have it on our planet.

Qazwsxedc123 says that this picture is not real, if you go to the site that it is on it says that the picture was "jest for fun". It is physically impossibe to clone more than one animal together.

Here are three sites that I visited...

2. http://www.devarticles.com/showblog/810/Pope-says-Cloning-Bad

An example of what might happen....
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