First order of business will be to give our space a proper name. It is really strange that our neighbors all have names attached to them but we do not even have a name. Below is a view from a friendly out-there world in the summer - looking out toward planets that just happen to have names hanging by large cords to them - this image was taken from the WorldWideWeb on planet earth at on February 08, 2006 -in earth time - notice our world 'NeuageVille' which is up for a new or keeping the same name,

Here are our suggestions (we will vote on the names before end of class and the name with the most votes will be our name)
As your leader I declare the voting both open to choose our existence's name
Dr. CyberSomething cyber.GIF
My portrait (after several robot parts have been added was by strange cosmic-coincidence at and downloaded February 08, 06

  1. NeuageVille ball.jpg The animated or not so animated gifs below are from the site free planet gifs
  2. Boberio votes: auto_004.gif
  3. Borzonia votes: musik_004.gif
  4. Leaven votes: waffen_033.gif
  5. Gargulak votes: musik_028.gif
  6. Emma is a bad name votes: external image lion_cub.gif ( 000000000000
  7. Gargulak Arrs votes: external image realmadridgif.gif
  8. Peanut Butter votes: blumen_005.gif
  9. hifthreucnskejhdcjsbambasbatbamusbatisbant votes: huepfen_025.gif
  10. Joey Tribioni votes: waffen_044.gif
11. Kovalev_goalcam800.jpg
12. Lalamb

13. Wolfy wolf.JPG
14. cockagaine