I think that Gargulak should not allow brain implants for all. For the people who are perfectly healthy and having nothing medically wrong with them, brain implants should not be an option for them. They would only want such a thing to enhance them and make them stronger, smarter, and better then the other people in our world. This kind of surgery would make competition a lot fiercer at first and then make it disappear. Before everyone in our world has these brain implants everyone would be competing to get them and then most recent ones so that they are the smartest. Some people in our country would not be able to afford such a device, which stops our whole world from becoming so smart and limiting the smartness to the wealthy elite. Another reason it is bad is because once everyone has received this brain implant no one would have to work hard to become more intelligent. Going to school and studying and working hard would not exist anymore. I do not think it would be fair to allow all the people to have the same amount of intelligence and not have to work to receive it. I do however believe that the disabled citizens should be given the choice whether or not to get the implant. Their implant however, should only get rid of their disability and should not make them super smart people.