I think that I would be a good leader for the planet, Gargulak, because I posses many of the six qualities that leaders must have in order to become strong, striving leaders. I am a very honest person and always try to tell people what I think. I also try to tell the truth. I would not lie to somebody just so I could get something. Another reason that I think that I would be a good leader is because when I take on a role or job I make sure that I know what I am getting myself into. If I do not know a lot about the topic I am expected to be an expert about I make sure to research the topic before a meeting or conference. I never try to be something I am not. If I cannot do something because I do not have enough knowledge in a certain area or subject to do I am feel no shame passing that job or task onto someone who is more capable then I am. Delegating tasks is important. Another one of my strengths is that I stay true to my beliefs. Though it is sometimes necessary to change an opinion on a topic if you learn more information about something it is important not to change too many of your beliefs which I do not intend on doing. Though I like to think I am always right I do admit however hard it may be, when I am wrong. Another one of my strengths is my ability to listen to others and what they think and let them explain what they think about a topic or issue. I let them talk about there opinion as much as they would like. I listen to what they have to say and take it in however when it comes to making the final decisions I listen to my gut while also trying to incorporate what others have told me by adding bits and pieces of their plan into mine and crediting them for their ideas This is important because it keep the people happy and makes them want to work for me.

Though this article contains some positive factors of having robots rule the planet I do not think that they should rule it. I still believe that it would be better to have a human whether it is I or not to rule the planet. Humans have emotions and this allows them to make decisions differently from robots. Robots though considering the people when making decisions do not feel any emotions after making a decision. It is important to feel some kind of emotion or feeling after making important decisions for it lets you know if it is the right one. I also do not think that robots should rule because I do not think that humans should be depending on or relying on robots because robots can break or have technical difficulties.