I think that you need to have a lot of great qualities to become a leader. One good quality is public speaking, which I have. If you cant get up in front of a crowd and make a speech, then you are not suited to be a good leader. Another good quality you need is a sense of what you are doing. If you dont know what you are trying to do then you will not be suited for this job. The biggest thing you need to have to become a leader is a gameplan. If you dont have a gameplan then you can't talk about your ways of changing the galaxy. Vote Heinrick Gubel for world Leader!!!!!!!!!!

If I was the leader then I would first get all the jobless peole off the streets and pay them a certain wage if they work for me. I would also make peace with all the other planets throughout the galaxy. I will control the army but I wont try and conquer planets unlike some other people in the past.