I am a General in the Army. I Played soccer, and Lacrosse for Army. I am a 5 star general that just got back from the new planet Ymir. My troops and I were fighting for 10 and half years and we were just on are move when the government told us that we had just signed a peace treaty with the Flargon. I am glad to be home up it will do anything to get back in to battle. I am in my late 20's and my good friend and possible my best friend in the war Heinrick Gubel. I had just rescued him from the Jail and blowing are way out with are newly updated technology and we were home free when all of the sudden there troops stopped firing and they let everyone in the jail go free. That’s when we figured out that the war was over. I told Heinrick that the stupid president had just caused a peace treaty. And b y the way my name is Jamaal Jasper XL.