I do not support the brain implants, if it is used to make one smarter. I believe if you insert some kind of chip that allows a blind person to see or a deaf person to hear that it is a good thing. Using chips to help people who are handicapped is using them in a positive way and helping the world. If you implant chips, which allow to you have all the information in your brain then you will never have to go to school and learn anything for yourself. I think this would cause problems in the world because everyone would be fighting for these chips. If it is possible for everyone to have one I think there will be a power struggle because everyone believes to be equal to someone else. This would not allow some people to succeed more in life. The whole receiving nutrition from a computer is also not good because then you can never eat good tasting foods. I think is we change the world this much and if we know everything and everything is done for us there will be nothing for us to do.