This stie talks about GM foods and how they are harming the lives of wildlife. It also talks about what GM is. It explains that is gentically modifies foods by changing foods DNA. This site also talks about how it is beneficail. They talk about how crops can grow better and look better.
This site talks about tomatoes and how a company made GM tomatoes but labeled there cans and did everything right even though it was not needed. Some people were upset and then House of Commons were invovled.
This site talks about what GM foods is. It also gives list of benefits from using Gm foods and a list of reasons why not to do it. One of the reasons why it is bad is because it is not needed in some countries to label products that are Gm products.

My characters stand on this issue is that it is not good. We do not know what the long lasting effects of this process are. We need to first know what the long lasting effects are and then if nothing bad happens then we can use the foods. If nothing bad happens it might be a useful way to grow more food for those who need it. For now when the research is not complete I do not support it.