I believe that I possess the qualities of a good leader. I have integrity. Everyone knows that when I say something that it is true and that you can trust what I am saying. I am a reliable and honest person. I also have a good understanding of what I do. I believe being the president I have to keep our world in peace. Not only within our world but also with other worlds. I believe that I am here to protect and speak for those who are not able to. I understand the responsibility I have being the president and the ability I have to make our world great. I am also very consistent in what I believe and what my morals are. I have my views, which I support and am not persuaded by one person’s opinion. This does not mean that I don’t listen to people around me. I always listen to their ideas and sometimes I incorporate these ideas, but I believe it is important that I leader sticks to what they believe in. At the same time a leader has to know that what she believes in does not have to change if she listens to others. That is why I believe it is important to listen to the people who surround you especially in my position to the people of our world. If you don’t listen to the people you will never know what you can do to help them. I also have to be able to know when it is time to make a decision and be decisive. I am able to come to a conclusion that sometimes cannot incorporate the ideas of everyone but it is important that I am confident enough in my decisions. It is also very important that I as a leader am able to admit when I am wrong. Although I have strong beliefs and I am confident in my decisions I do not have a problem with admitting to what I did wrong. Although robots could be able to lead the people whit everyone following their rule and are able to do what’s best for the people I don’t believe a robot can be a better leader than me or a person. I think people are more capable of making decisions because although the robot might be able to make some good decisions I believe some decisions need to be made by those who feel emotions and fully understand what other people are going through. So, I believe that I am the most capable person in our world to lead our world.