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My characters name is qazwsxedc123. I am a huge mass of nanobots. The nanobots will create my brain and can form all of my body parts. I can transform into anything and can transform things into other things. I will be totally mechanical with no biological parts. I can absorb things to make myself bigger and stronger. I originated from some person in the year 2189. This person was absorbed by rogue nanobots who incorporated his personality into their programming. Unfortunately the random person was an evil scientist. With his knowledge the nanobots will have the ability to take over the world, they will also want to because they absorbed the evil personality of the evil scientist. My character will be the evil villain of our world. With my special ability I will slowly absorb things until I can cover the entire world. My characters goal in life is to absorb the universe, this is possible because my character can never die only be delayed. Because absorbing planets is a slow process my character creates huge zombie hordes to take over planets until they can be absorbed. My country is called mubawubashonf. Only machines are allowed to live in my country. All the machines run huge factories that build weapons for the zombie hordes. MWAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA. HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHA HAHA HA HA HA HA Ha ha.

This is what Qazwsxedc123 thinks about cloning.
Qazwsxedc123 does not want cloning. If our planet had lots of clones there would be more people who could delay Qazwsxedc123's evil plot to absorb the world. Qazwsxedc123 would support cloning if the clones were evil henchmen who would help him take over the world. Qazwsxedc123 also thinks that naming our planet would be pointless because Qazwsxedc123 is going to absorb it. Qazwsxedc123 can't be cloned because it is a machine. Qazwsxedc123 wants to clone mutant animals which can be used to take over new planets to be absorbed.

Grey Goo
I am made out of self replicating nanobots, so I have no problem with "grey goo" abosrbing the world. In fact my evil plan is to absorb our planet, turning it into a mass of "grey goo" which is what I am made of.

GM Food
This is what these websites think.
What Are the Benefits?
Genetically modified foods (GM foods or GMF) offer a way to quickly improve crop characteristics such as yield, pest resistance, or herbicide tolerance, often to a degree not possible with traditional methods. Further, GM crops can be manipulated to produce completely artificial substances, from the precursors to plastics to consumable vaccines.

Goo or Cloning
I think that neither cloning nor grey goo is a threat to our small planet. I acctually support both.

Brain Chips
Since I am a machine my character's brain is a computerchip. Therefor I think that brain chips are good because without them I would not be a character living on this planet.

Being a Leader?
I will be a good evil leader because I can make anything since I am made out of nanobots. I will also be a good evil leader because I have huge zombie hordes that can take over other planets. I also have a plan to take over the universe.

Robot Rights
I am a robot, so I support robot rights. Even if I did not have any rights I would still take over the universe.

I think we should leave JJ (Jeff) in jail until he becomes a contributing member of our society.

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PLANETS to be absorbed:
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Three sites about cloning.