Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1955. Also know as Mad Stalion, Sir Biminidis is the ruler of all junckeis and party animals.
This man is addicted to crack, heroin, cocain and all kinds of alcohol. This are the sources of power for his never ending life.
Mad Stalion is know for his incredible actions against the Albany Academy's dorm.... He burned it down!! All the dormers greatly apriciated it!! And after that they became his side quicks in his endless party life...
The Mad Stalion is wordly know for his partys! He became a legend for having showed to the crazy americans that drinking was good, that the good partys are at night clubs not in peoples houses and that rap, hip-hop, pop and Britney Spears suck. He became know as "the dumb mind libarator" in the USA.
His ultimate mission is to make a world wide Party!