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Our newly formed great asteroid to the north - the Boy's Academy

This is where we will do our collaborative project. This is our world world2.gif

Gargulak (see where we are in our Solar System)

We did our hypertextual project in Eastgate's Storyspace but we could not add or edit/enhance each other's work. Therefore, we are off into cyberspace with our collaborative class project.

The characters of our world are: Dr. Right, Qazwsxedc123, Dr. Goalie, Heinrick Gubel, Freddi Frederick, President Riley, Captain Spock, Jaamal Jasper XL, Captain Jack whatisthis and a few who are hiding behind some shadows on the farside of our world.
getting all our duckies lined up
Jeffery.gif Melissa2.gifRachelSchaefer2.gif Vivian2.gif

Daily Issues

  1. A name - plus a gif for each person (with source of where the gif is from unless it is self-created)
  2. Cloning views of; Dr. Right, Dr. Goalie , Freddi Frederick , President Riley Jaamal Jasper XL Heinrick Gubel, Captain Spock, Qazwsxedc123, Sir Biminidis
  3. **Grey-goo**; and GM Foods, are issues to be debated on=Thursday 09 February=(put your character's answer after each one when you have completed the assignment:
  4. **==Grey-goo==**, Dr. Right-goo; President Riley - Goo; Captain Spock about the goo, Dr. Goalie - Goo; Heinrick Gubel-Goo Jaammal, Qazwsxedc123 Jasper XL-goo Freddi Frederick; Captain Jack, Sir Biminidis
  5. ==GM Foods[[GM Foods|]]==:, Jaammal Jasper XL- gm foods Qazwsxedc123 Heinrick Gubel, President Riley - GM Foods ,Freddi Frederick, Captain Jack, Dr. Goalie, Sir Biminidis
  6. =Friday, February 10th=- Respond to these four New Social Issues that are troubling our world:
  7. Brain Implants - the views of, ; President Riley - Brainchip, Freddi Frederick, Heinrick Gubel , Captain Spock JJXL, Captain Jack, Dr. Goalie, whatisthis, Sir Biminidis
  8. Leadership issues - the views of, ; JJXL Heinrick Gubel, President Riley - Leader, Freddi Frederick, Captain Jack, Sir Biminidis
  9. The Rights of Robots - the views of, . and JJXL, Heinrick Gubel, Captain Spock, Captain Jack
  10. JJ XL - new issues the views of, .; Heinrick Gubel-JJ XL JJXL , Captain Spock,

this could be you in the future news_story2-1.jpg

Our world as shown in the view below is currently named 'Gargulak but there is concern amongst the citizens of Gargulak that this could possibly be considered a stupid name and so the citizens have gotten together to decide a new name. To be accepted as the new name there will be a vote on February 08, 2006. To be accepted as a new name there has to be at least three votes for the place. If there can not be a majority of three votes for a name then all the names are written onto a piece of paper and drawn out of a thingy by a passing stranger. That then will be our new name and we will continue on our merry way to do things in this WIki.
Jaamal Jasper XL